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Yaya’s House is a non-profit organization that serves Village d’Esperance, an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haiti native, Merianne “Yaya” Esperance created ‘Village’ nine years ago with her (late) husband, Raphael. Now widowed, our desire is to come alongside Yaya and the children in her care, so that we help in their effort to move from a place of survival-mode to a place of stability.

The Story

Raphael and Merianne d’Esperance’s hearts were burdened for the abandoned children of their country, so they opened Village d’Esperance Orphanage in 2009. Using their own money, they rented a house and made it into a home.

The Need

Merianne and the children at Village d’Esperance are literally in survival mode every single day. She is stretching her (small) monthly income to buy necessities for all 17 children, but the ends just aren’t meeting and she could really use our help.

How To Help

To help Merianne Esperance and the children currently in her care please click the button below. All donations to Yaya’s House are tax-deductible and any amount will help lessen the burden they are challenged to bear.


Come alongside "Yaya" and the children today!

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